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Boat Charter Malta: How to best explore Comino


A boat charter in Malta is the best way to expore Comino. Although it’s the smallest of the Maltese Islands, it’s a Paradise on Earth! In fact, many people know it as the go-to place for windsurfers, snorkelers and divers.

Having said this, Comino is the perfect place not just for active people. It’s also ideal for whoever loves to spend warm days swimming in refreshing crystal clear water. Indeed, you won’t resist the charm of this small, yet beautiful island.


Situated between Malta and Gozo, with its 3.5 square km surface, Comino is a car-free, virtually uninhabited island.

The main attraction is definitely the Blue Lagoon, with its sheltered, dazzlingly blue waters, an extremely popular destination during summer for day-trippers, easily accessible through a boat tour.

Did you know that Comino is named after the cumin seed that once flourished on the island?

And did you know that, even though now it’s mostly uninhabited, it hasn’t always been like this?

During the Roman period, Comino was inhabited by farmers. Later on, the Knights of Malta used this island as hunting and recreational ground.


How is it best to explore Comino, in all its beauty and charm? The answer is simple: with one of the best Boat Charter in Malta, Solevela!

You will have the opportunity to experience a Boat Charter in Malta on board our beautiful Sailing Boat, with all the comforts you can think of, and you will share the boat with your family or friends, instead of a bunch of strangers.

Exactly: how many times have you wanted to explore Comino, but you really didn’t feel like being on a boat tour with people you didn’t even know for a whole day?

Now, thanks to Solevela, you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful Comino with our Private Boat Charter, only you and your loved ones.

And there’s more to it: if you wish, we will provide you with a mouthwatering lunch and refreshing drinks, so that you won’t have to think about anything, except for enjoying your incredible Boat Charter with Solevela.

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